Man City boss Guardiola: Arteta has changed Arsenal into huge competitors

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has paid tribute to Mikel Arteta and his work with Arsenal.

Guardiola is happy seeing his former assistant succeeding with the Gunners.

He said, “I would like to say a lot!

“Mikel [Arteta] in the two years, maybe I learned more off him than he did off me when we were together.

“Arsenal belongs with the talent, Mikel’s had big moments and he has support that’s unconditional.

“It was time for him to build something, Arsenal gave it to him and he’s had an incredible season so far.

“I know how huge competitors they are.

“The season is so long and it’s only the first leg. There’s many tough games, so we relax and see what happens.”

On whether they are Premier League title contenders, he added: “Compared to previous seasons yes and I thought there would be more.

“Last season they were not a contender but this season they are.”