Liverpool striker Firmino: Klopp would also do his pre-match staring when I was at Hoffenheim

Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino says manager Jurgen Klopp’s pre-match tactic of staring down the opposition dates back to his time in Germany.

Firmino has praised the impact made on his Liverpool career by Klopp, but admits his first encounters with the Reds boss while with Hoffenheim in Germany left him somewhat perplexed.

“Whenever we came up against Dortmund, Jurgen would routinely be in the middle of the pitch closely observing opposition players warm up,” he said.

“I’d look at him and think: what’s going on, is he trying to intimidate us? I found it interesting and it was always great to come up against that Dortmund team.

“Having him with us today is amazing. He never stops giving me advice. He’s a massive father figure for me here at Liverpool. I’m so grateful to play under and be coached by a great leader. I thank him for everything I’ve learned. I will always be highly complimentary for everything he’s done for me and also the club.”