Liverpool legend Souness: Man City style not ideal for Haaland

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness says Erling Haaland will need time to adapt to Manchester City’s playing style.

Souness says Liverpool’s approach is better suited to the Norwegian.

He said on Sky Sports: “That might be an issue. Listen, if you’re a striker you want two things. You want it as quick as possible and you want it as accurate as possible.

“You know, City, and it’s no criticism of City, but I prefer watching Liverpool – as you’d expect me to say – because Liverpool they won it back, it’s a pass forward and generally a shot on goal. Whereas City is a more predictable build-up, but Haaland wants to be in a team that wins it back and plays it forward quickly.

“I don’t think it’s a complete given he goes there, the kind of goalscorer he was in the Bundesliga.”