Liverpool legend Aldridge slams celebrating Man Utd fans: You're embarrassing

Liverpool legend John Aldridge has scoffed at Manchester United’s preseason win in Bangkok last week.

United were 4-0 winners in Thailand.

But Aldridge wrote for the Sunday World: “The way some Manchester United fans reacted to their pre-season 4-0 win against Liverpool was embarrassing, yet I can understand why.

“A win in the Bangkok Centenary Cup was about as significant as a victory against the reserve team at the training ground.

“Yet some United fans on social media were celebrating as if they had inflicted a devastating blow on Liverpool.

“I might point out that the 9-0 aggregate over two one-sided Premier League matches last season were a far more significant reflection of where these two sides are at the moment, but we all understand how football rivalry works.

“Liverpool fans don’t want to lose a five-a-side game against a team representing their arch-rivals Manchester United, so it wasn’t fun watching a line-up representing my old team lose so heavily the other day.

“I sat through the game with a couple of United fans and that didn’t make it any easier for me!

“And yet, to be fair, they were laughing at their own expense.

“It was the first trophy United had lifted in a long time – and they have been so bad over the last three or four years that winning a game of tiddlywinks is exciting at this stage.”