Liverpool hero Carragher convinced of Nunez potential: Give him 5-6 weeks

Liverpool hero Jamie Carragher has dismissed doubts around €100m signing Darwin Nunez.

Carragher admits he would not have fancied too many battles with the 6ft 2ins powerhouse.

“I would have found him a handful,” admitted Carragher to the Daily Mail. “I think anyone would.

“It is just where Liverpool can have that connection with him, But the size, the pace, the power of him, he has a great goal-scoring record, you don’t want to be coming up against him too often.

“It has been really stop-start for him. Obviously the sending off was unfortunate and coming on at different times and trying to get up to speed with the rest of the team. But also getting used to the new team as well.

“He is completely different to what Liverpool had before in terms of Roberto Firmino. He is a completely different profile of player.

“He looks raw but there is no doubt there are some great physical attributes. He causes big problems for the opposition.

“It is just the next five or six weeks we will see that integration a lot more. It will be a lot easier then to judge whether he is the right fit, because now he has just not played enough football for the team.”