Liverpool captain Henderson rejects retirement talk

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has rejected retirement talk at the age of 32.

In fact, the Liverpool captain is already talking about playing on for another five years and takes issue with a question about whether the World Cup could be his last chance of a trophy with England.

England midfielder Henderson said: “I hope not! I still feel good. I wouldn’t look too far ahead, I don’t think there is any need to, but it is another huge opportunity. We’ve done well in the last few tournaments and hopefully we’ve learnt from the experience of the last World Cup and Euros and take it into this tournament.

“I look at some players still playing internationals at 36 and 37. So it just depends on how you feel physically and I feel very good. I think last season I played more games than anyone else in Europe. So physically it’s not an issue and I’m still excited being here with England.

“If that wasn’t the case then obviously I would maybe think about that, but I’m always excited about being called. up. I want to be here and I want to show I can help the team become successful. Until that changes there’s no reason to even think about that (packing it in).”