Liverpool boss Klopp unhappy with timing of FA ban after victory over Southampton

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admitted frustration with his FA ban for victory over Southampton.

Klopp learned of his one-match suspension on Friday evening.

He complained, “It’s not the first game I watched from there; not because I got a ban, but I’ve watched a lot of football games from the stands. The perspective is much better, it’s still not my favourite place, but it was clear that would not be our problem today. It was not too cool that we only got the information yesterday.

“After the FA appealed, I expected I would get a ban of course, but when it is Friday afternoon and training is already done and somebody gets it and tells you, ‘By the way, tomorrow…’ So, we had to organise a little bit, that was fine, Pep, Pete and Vitor are experienced coaches, they can do that, we were in contact – didn’t work all the time exactly, but I think that is probably normal as well and in the end we got all the messages across.

“The perspective, as I said, is much better. You can see distances better, you can have a much better overview. As I said, it was not the first game I saw like this, but I know the people from this stand, they really have a good perspective, let me say it like this. I saw what we did well and I saw what we didn’t do that well and still couldn’t change it in the second half. Obviously we tried with changes and bringing players on, but second half was obviously Alisson Becker’s half.”