Liverpool boss Klopp scoffs at Alexander-Arnold critics: I saw it on the TV!

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has taken aim at Trent Alexander-Arnold’s critics after his superb performance in their Carabao Cup win at Arsenal.

The fullback provided both assists for the 2-0 semifinal second-leg win.

“I don’t know anybody who is like Trent, who is a right-back and is that decisive and influential and all these kinds of things,” Klopp said.

“I heard again last night on the bus on the way home, the television is on and you hear people talking. And I really don’t like always when they mention [about Trent] ‘yes, his defending, defensively he’s not that good, but he’s offensively he’s better.’

“I thought he did outstandingly well defensively last night. Little [Gabriel] Martinelli, we will talk about this player in the future I can promise.

“If he is without major injuries he will have a proper career, so it’s really good what Trent did there against him.

“He kept him busy defensively, and where he showed up, the package of Trent is insane.

“It’s not that he delivers every day, so there are still departments where can improve and he has to improve and we will work on them and I will not stop telling him, but yeah the package is really interesting I have to say.

“I am not sure what it means [for him] in history, there is still 15 years or whatever time to play and to create and to score and to learn and improve.

“But the last five years were a good start in a career I would say.”

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