Liverpool boss Klopp: Hasenhuttl was exceptional for Southampton

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is sorry seeing Ralph Hasenhuttl sacked by Southampton.

New manager Nathan Jones takes Southampton to Liverpool tomorrow.

Klopp said, “I actually thought Ralph Hassenhuttl did an exceptional job at Southampton but everything has its time, maybe it was like that.

“If Southampton showed anything then it was attitude for sure. They have a highly motivated team that was going for it.

“With a new manager there might be more pressure but that is not our problem. We always expect a really motivated opponent but we have no real clue – he doesn’t have a lot of time to change a lot of things.

“In our analysis meeting it was half Southampton and half Luton just to see what he does, but because we don’t know we have to focus on ourselves. That is what we do and that is what we’ll try.

“We expect a really good game and a game that you can win, not because the opponent. We have to show up, it is the last game for a long time.”