Liverpool boss Klopp details heart-to-hearts with Jones

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admits he’s been speaking one-on-one with Curtis Jones in recent weeks.

Now fully fit once more, Klopp has spoken with the No.17 about how he can elevate his game to the next level.

“I had a long talk last week with Curtis,” the manager explained. “I love the boy, I love the potential he has but we have to come now there where we really make the next steps [so] that he fulfils the potential he has on the pitch very often.

“You have these kinds of conversations when you are not 100 per cent happy with the moment. He is young, very young. But how I see, his potential is incredible. We both together have to find a way to show that much more often. We are there really in this development.

“Yes, he can play different positions in different ways. [Against Arsenal] we brought him and wanted just from him really to dribble, to be there in these tight areas, to change the way they had to defend us because we passed the ball out to Robbo and then he could cross or not. And if not then we passed the ball back and again cross from there.

“So we needed a different dynamic and dimension in the game, that’s why we brought him in exactly in that way. But he cannot only play that. He can of course play as No.8 as well, he did already very well for us.

“It’s an ongoing process with Curtis and me. I know he had now a tricky time with the eye [injury], long out, and after that with covid. It’s not helpful but now we try to make sure he gets rhythm and can show how good he can actually be.”

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