​Liverpool ace van Dijk slams pundits after Ajax win

Liverpool centre-back Virgin van Dijk slammed former players who have been critiquing the side recently.

The Reds have not endured the best start to the season, as they have struggled in the Premier League and lost their Champions League group stage opener to Napoli.

However, a hard fought win against Ajax in their second game of the group stages has resulted in van Dijk taking a swipe at their critics.

Asked by BT Sport about criticism from pundits, van Dijk stated: “Not listening to the outside world, that’s the most important thing!

“It’s funny sometimes because there’s a lot of ex-footballers and they know exactly what we’re going through, they say a lot of things to try and get us down.

“We know exactly that last week [against Napoli] was unacceptable, it was very bad and we tried to make it right.”