Lijnders: Dubai camp will be good for Liverpool players

Liverpool assistant manager Pep Lijnders hopes that the winter break can do wonders for the team.

The Reds are heading to Dubai for warm weather training while the World Cup takes place this month and in December.

They will play friendlies as well, before taking on Manchester City in the Carabao Cup in late December.

“We will report in Dubai with a fresh and hungry mind to prepare for the second half of the season,” Lijnders told on Wednesday.

“We still have our same target: create special games and memories together.

“There is still a lot to play for. We know we weren’t good enough [so far this season] but one thing will not happen, we will not stop nor give up. In all layers of society, it’s in these times people get separated: the ones who make one step forward and the ones who make one step back.

“The AXA Training Centre is full of people who make a step forward, the ones who take responsibility and not the ones who shield behind the others. [The Dubai trip is] about togetherness, off-the-pitch professionalism, creation of team spirit, a staff who work very efficiently towards one target and above everything, real time to train. Real time for dedicated and specific team training. It’s time to create a base for the second half of the season to recover our pride.

“Sometimes you need to lose something to realise what it took to have it. Hard work and dedication brought the cups to us, without it we are nothing special. I have to give Ray and Louise [Dobson] a big compliment for how they always make sure we can prepare in the best conditions possible.

“These two breathe high performance on the elite level and honestly this isn’t easy: no excuses and always searching for the next step. For example, they started the process of the Dubai training camp 18 months ago to ensure we got the best elite facility possible, before any other team.”