Klopp hits back at reporter over Liverpool false positives: What do you think I mean?

Jurgen Klopp has defended has defended Liverpool against questions over their 40 false positive Covid-19 tests.

The results lead to the cancellation of Carabao Cup semi-final between Arsenal and Liverpool last week.

The EFL declined to investigate the situation, and Klopp has hit back at reporters after the issue was raised.

Speaking at his Wednesday press conference ahead of Thursday’s tie with Arsenal, Klopp said: “What would you think I mean when I talk about false positives?

“A false positive is when you get a positive test back. When you are able to do a re-test, you get a result which makes it look like a false positive because this test was negative.

“It doesn’t change anything for your quarantine but you need to know, you have to do a third test. In between, you cannot use the players – that’s how the rules are for all of us. If the third test negative as well then that is it. But that is four days later, we couldn’t have done anything different.

“In the first moment we got the positives tests, we had to consider it was the right result. PCR tests, by the way.”

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