Klopp hints at frustration over FSG transfer spending: Liverpool need to buy proven quality

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has hinted at frustration over limited transfer spending afforded by owners FSG.

Klopp is hopeful Fenway Sports Group’s plan to seek external investment for Liverpool can lead to greater resources in the transfer market.

He said, “In the structure we had we, obviously we were able to spend money, but it was always that we had to look at what did we earn? Are we around where we will come out at the end? That was always clear.

“We all know the two biggest transfers in the past – this year was Darwin, which was in between – were Alisson and Virgil (van Dijk). We all knew how it happened. We got money from Barcelona and spent it wisely I would say, so that is the situation.

“For me, how we did it so far brought us to where we are, that is all fine, but fresh money is no mistake, let me say it like this. Nothing gets cheaper. There is an inflation rate for all of us but in football as well.

“Yes, sometimes you have to spend. We are really happy to give all our young kids a chance and I am so positive about the impact they will have in the future, whenever that starts.

“Like Harvey Elliott now, Stefan Bajcetic, Cavlin Ramsay, Ben Doak, Bobby Clark, they are all interesting but from time to time you have to throw in proven quality. In an ideal world they are young as well! Or at least not 35.

“So yes, from time to time you have to take some risks and we will see. I have no idea what will happen, but I am positive about it. In the end if it is not positive, I can start worrying but I just think everything will be fine.

Klopp added: “We are not in the table, football-wise, like exactly how it should be, we all know that, but look how close it is together, Man City and Arsenal this year are flying, all the rest are fighting.

“We lost against Leeds and Nottingham Forest and other games, but if we draw them [we have] 21 points, with a game in hand so it’s tight, The football could be more stable, but the club is incredibly stable. That is true.

“The stuff we put together in the last years is outstanding, the highest level in all departments, we have a coaching staff and manager who committed long term, that is all really stable and everybody is on fire. So it is not that we think, this season is intense but it has nothing to do with our ideas for where we want to go as a club.

“Yes I think this club is already one of the biggest in the world but we have to keep going and keep going. Sometimes if you want to go in this (forward) direction you have to go a little bit left or little bit right. Setbacks are normal but when you are stable you can go from there again and that is exactly what is going through my mind to be honest.”