Deposit K138

Deposit K138– How to K138 deposit easy & quickly

Depositing K138 is the first step to be able to participate in football betting or online casino gambling at the k138 website. This seems simple, but it is quite difficult for many people, especially those who are new to online betting. So the following article will show you how to deposit money into your k138 account .

3 Steps to Deposit K138

Step 1: Get K138 bank account information

Access the website and login to make a K138 deposit, there are 2 ways to get bank account information on K138.

Method 1: Click on the customer support chat to contact the support staff to get the bank account number. 

Method 2: Accessing the “Deposit” section at K138 homepage, a list of banks associated with K138 will appear. Here, you just need to click on the bank you want to transact with, the account information will appear.

k138 deposit

Step 2: Deposit money into K138 bank account

After having K138 account information, players can choose to top up their K138 account through the following menthod : direct transactions at banks, transfer via ATMs or Internet Banking.

k138 deposit

Step 3: Fill and Submit the deposit form

Fill in all the necessary information in the sheet appears. Here you need proceed to fill out the information on the deposit confirmation form. The information includes: Bank account; Date / time of deposit; Deposit methods; File (Deposit Receipt); Your bank.; Your bank account name; Reference number; Deposit money into a wallet.

After Click “SUBMIT” about 2-3 minutes, K138 system will update money into your account.

k138 deposit

Above are 3 specific and very detailed steps so that all new players can successfully deposit K138.

Refer to the how to withdrawing money at K138

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K138 deposit operation you can choose from one of the methods that we offer. If you have any problems or need further assistance with your K138 withdrawal please contact our customer support to resolve your questions as soon as possible. No matter how you top up by using a bank or e-wallet, it’s equally fast. K138 deposit and join us play gambling, online betting today.