Juventus to fine Allegri for 'unauthorised interview'; players upset

Juventus management are expected to fine under pressure coach Max Allegri for speaking with a journalist.

Allegri is fighting for his job after defeat to Monza on Sunday.

Creating more problems for Allegri is today’s reports he was speaking off the record with journalist Mario Sconcerti, of Corriere della Sera, trying to put his side of the situation.

In his conversation with Sconcerti, Allegri has tried to explain where his team’s problems lie. He suggested that this was just a chat with a friend, not an official media interview, but Juve were not aware of the conversation and it’s now causing problems.

Some players were specifically mentioned by Allegri in the conversation and they’ve felt made fun of by their coach.

La Gazzetta dello Sport says management are unhappy with the way things were handled and Allegri is now at risk of being fined for an ‘unauthorised interview’.