Juventus supporter groups united to slam Bonucci and board

Juventus supporter groups have come together to slam captain Leonardo Bonucci and the board.

Juve ultras were angered after Bonucci took the squad to ‘apologise’ to the away fans for the 1-0 Serie A defeat to Monza on Sunday.

A statement on social media read: “We are faced with scenes we do not understand and if anything we find laughable and RIDICULOUS, thought up by someone who considers himself a leaver, but acts like a sacrificial victim.

“Bonucci has never been a leader and never will be: not at Treviso, nor Pisa, nor Bari, nor Milan and certainly not at Juventus…

“In this moment of general confusion, on and off the pitch, there is total anarchy and whoever feels like it declares themselves an expert, a leader, a chief or a responsible figure without having the charisma or the recognition of the people who have been here for many years.

“If there is a hierarchy, there’s a reason for that. A good soldier does not necessarily make a good general.

“Taking professional players like sacrificial lambs to stare at the Curva while receiving jeers and insults, giving legitimacy to protests just a month into the season, is SIMPLY ABSURD. The only result can be to create a weak team that is weighed down by negativity and a victim complex.

“That is exactly the opposite of what is needed in this sport. You are damaging your teammates and squad more than any incompetent coach or director.

“The role of the Ultras (the real ones) is to support the team as long as it’s possible to do so. As for protests and excuses, dear ‘secessionists,’ there is time to the end of the season or there needs to be an intervention from within.

“If you (certain players) are responsible for this mess, you should be ashamed of yourselves, and instead you are trying to use this situation out of ignorance or for personal gain.

“Trust is, if we had something to tell you, we would’ve done it at the Continassa training ground, looking you in the eyes the way we always did, not on the pitch in front of opponents, making us and you look ridiculous and weak.

“Whoever wears the Juventus jersey must lower their heads in front of only their own people and nobody else, including the media.

“All it takes is a glance from the pitch to the stands, saluting with arm raised rather than a wild celebration so we know that you are apologising.

“And finally, players do not take the blame that only the incompetent directors and President have, and which they need to answer for.”