Juventus striker Kean after Lazio double: Change of diet and Allegri support key to form

Juventus striker Moise Kean says a change of diet has led to his form revival.

Kean struck twice for Juve in last night’s 3-0 win against Lazio.

He said, “(Coach Max) Allegri said that I lost 5-6 kilos? It’s true, I set to work to have a great result and it turned out well. I trained a lot and went on a diet. I couldn’t lose weight, then I stopped eating a few things. Not ideal things. I got to work and realised that this is the right way.

“Yes, this is also thanks to the coach who never lost the patience to be there to explain things to me, like attacking the space. Even at the end of training we stopped to see what movements to do and perform on Sunday.

“Wherever the coach puts me, I try to give my best, making me explain things even more than once, if I’m wrong, to understand better.”