Juventus midfielder Ihattaren explains quitting Sampdoria – and Raiola

Juventus midfielder Mohamed Ihattaren has hit out at Sampdoria and former agent Mino Raiola.

Ihattaren signed for Juve from PSV Eindhoven in the summer before being loaned to Sampdoria. But he is now back in Holland after falling out with Samp management.

“I left because of the circumstances. I often found myself alone, abandoned in a hotel room. I couldn’t take it anymore, all kinds of agreements had not been respected. It was like I didn’t exist,” he told De Telegraaf.

“Nothing had been organized, no bank account, no medical insurance. What if I broke my leg at Sampdoria? I didn’t get a salary, I called the team manager and he said we [Sampdoria] pay every two months,’ but it didn’t happen and I got irritated.

“The team manager was the only person I met when I arrived at Sampdoria. I saw people in a suit and I thought they were the chiefs, but I don’t know.

“They could have been taxi drivers. I have no idea who they were and the coach [Roberto] D’Aversa didn’t even know that I was left-footed.”

Ihattaren also revealed he’s since quit agent Raiola to sign with Ali Dursun.

He added: “I called Raiola and he told me to remain calm.

“At some point, I entered Ali Dursun’s office and I told him: ‘Help me, I got everything wrong.’ He listened to me and agreed that I was not responsible for what had happened.

“Raiola said that he is worried for me, that he no longer had contacts with me, but he disappointed me.”

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