Juventus coach Allegri happy with victory over Inter Milan: But it won't solve our problems

Juventus coach Max Allegri wasn’t getting carried away after victory over Inter Milan.

Juve scored from two Filip Kostic counter-attacks, finished off by Adrien Rabiot and Nicolò Fagioli.

“It was great to watch this game, especially as we were a little lucky in the first half, but when you have a pro-active attitude and work for your teammate, you are more likely to get a positive result,” Allegri told DAZN.

“The system has given the team more solidity, but the most important thing is that the team works together, defends behind the ball, understands when it’s time to suffer and that it lasts 95 minutes. Earlier in the season, we would play about 30 minutes and then drift off, but we are in it all the way now, even during tough moments. That is an important step.

“This is the right spirit and raises the level of competition within the squad.”

Allegri added, “The most satisfying thing is to beat Inter after three defeats and a draw in the last four. It was important to win a head-to-head match, we played well technically and only ran a risk with Rabiot’s error on a Lautaro Martinez chance. With this attitude, it is unlikely we concede goals.

“The objective is to do the best we possibly can. We mustn’t think that because of this victory all our problems are solved and the season is over. It is still one step at a time.”