Jones reveals World Cup friendlies planned at Southampton

Southampton’s new manager Nathan Jones confirmed the club have arranged friendlies for the World Cup break.

The Saints are mired in a relegation battle at present, with the World Cup meaning the Premier League is on pause until Boxing Day.

However, Jones knows that friendlies will help him implement his ideas to the players ahead of the league’s return.

“We’re pretty much set on what we want to do,” he explained to the Daily Echo, asked if the club are any closer to finalising ideas to work with the group.

“First, I’m going to sleep. I’ve had a month with literally no sleep so I’m going to do that first, and spend some time with my family,” Jones added.

“We will be back in next week and will plan everything, leaving us just over four weeks to work with the group before the Brighton game.

“We’ve got games arranged and a trip away, as well as the Carabao Cup leading us into the Premier League game. It’s an exciting few weeks to plan but we have to make sure we do real stellar work, and if we do stellar work we will come out of it stronger.”