Inter Milan assistant coach Farris: Supercoppa triumph just the beginning

Inter Milan assistant coach Massimiliano Farris says they want their Supercoppa triumph against Juventus to spark a winning season.

Inter collected their first trophy of the campaign with a 2-1 win on Wednesday night.

Farris said, “We hope this is just the beginning. All eyes have been on us from the beginning, but Simone (Inzaghi) has done very well.

“We brought our own ideas to the team what we’ve been working on for years. It was not easy to come in to the Italian champions and to succeed immediately.”

The assistant coach added: “We’ve turned things around on Juventus, and now we must keep going.

“There’s no secret to it, other than unity and team spirit.

“To beat Juvents you need to be confident and you need to perform at a very high level,” he added. “Their team had great players with experience and titles, we won it at the last moment but we deserved it.

“It doesn’t matter who plays from the start and who comes on as a substitute,” he added. “This is a wonderful group.”

On the team’s tactics, he stated, “On Sunday we won through goals from two defenders, Atalanta can also score with defenders or wing-backs.”

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