Hazard tells Real Madrid fans: I'm really sorry for what happened

Eden Hazard denies he set up his Real Madrid career for failure after arriving for his first preseason overweight.

Speaking with Marca, Hazard was asked about that first controversy.

He said, “But that has always happened. Every season is the same with me: during the season I have to work and play soccer, but when I have three weeks to rest, I rest, and I’m not going to change. This story was four years ago, although it was reality, but then I had two incredible months before the injury.

“Then I haven’t been lucky because of the pandemic and other things, like the injuries in the second year…. But for 10 years at Chelsea I played 500 games without injuries or anything, and then in two years all these injuries… It’s something I cannot explain. It’s something I can’t explain.

“I don’t think I have failed. I played a lot of games in 10 years. There are times in life when you are a little bit unlucky with a game, an injury… and you have to understand the way you live. You can change things in life, but I think a lot of them were because of bad luck, a little bit because of the coronavirus, a little bit because of the confinement….”

Hazard was also asked for a message to the fans who feel he has never replicated the form with Chelsea in a Real shirt.

He added: “I’m sorry, my friend. I try, but… I’m sorry. I have one more year and I have to prove myself, but it’s not easy: I don’t play, I want to play more. I’m really sorry, I’m sorry for what happened.”