Guardiola loves connection with Man City fans: What a privilege

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola admits he loves the connection he has with fans.

The power of the relationship between manager and fans was seen most assuredly in our last Barclays Premier League game – a 2-1 victory over Fulham.

That saw City dominate – and eventually win – a tight contest, despite being a man down for over an hour.

“It was a special moment. 10 against 11,” said Guardiola reflecting on the dramatic victory over the Cottagers.

“We score in the last minutes. The people were there. Never go home.

“I said many times to the players when we play away ‘go to our fans and stay there’. Not five seconds. Stay there a little bit long. Because we cannot enjoy only when we lift the trophies. It’s ridiculous.

“There are moments during the season. There are games, special games, where you have to share it. To see the faces, the happy faces, of the people. You have to do it.

“Not all of the time. Not all of the games. Most of the time, I don’t go on the pitch when we finish the game, I go inside. But there are moments when I want to feel it.

“When I play bad and win, I don’t go there. I go home. I go inside. And say something to the players.

“But there are moments. I want to enjoy it. The players have to. When we play away in a difficult game and when our fans travel south of England, that is not easy for them for many reasons, and [if] we won the game ‘come on, go there and see the faces’.

“Don’t forget the faces when they are clapping and they say ‘thank you’ to us.

“What a privilege to give them something like here.

“There are many things we live together, many, many things. There are good moments and bad moments as well. I cannot forget Madrid there. I cannot forget Tottenham here. Many things that are part of our lives. When you have six years, you live these kind of things.

“Fortunately we live very, very good things in that period. Whatever happens, it’s part of incredible moments of my life here. That is no doubt.”