Gerrard: We want to build Aston Villa around Ramsey

Aston Villa boss Steven Gerrard says Jacob Ramsey is the team’s future.

Speaking to the Express & Star, Gerrard outlined his ambitions for Ramsey moving forward following his goal against Southampton.

“We want to build this around JJ – the most important thing is we think he’s good enough. He’s got all the attributes,” said Gerrard.

“He’s got a lot of development and a lot of growing up to do but we can build a really good team around him.

“I know people want to talk about the World Cup but I don’t think that’s fair on him. From an international point of view, there’s no rush. He will get there. But he’s only just broken through, he’s only just becoming a regular.

“We are asking him to perform different roles in different games. That helped me grow and develop as a player and that will help him, too. I’ve got every confidence this kid will become an elite player and an international. But it’s difficult when he keeps getting assists as he did against Manchester City and scoring important winners.

“My job is to make sure there’s not too much noise around him so we can let him develop, grow and evolve naturally. If he keeps going as he is, he will get there. He’s a wonderful kid, really humble. He hangs onto every word of advice. He knows there are areas of his game he can improve because, in footballing terms, he’s still a baby and we love him.

“I love working with him and myself and my staff will give him every bit of attention he needs to get there.”