FSG set opening price to sell Liverpool

FSG have set their initial price to sell Liverpool.

The Times, citing sources from US banks, says it has been claimed that FSG would listen to offers of around £3bn for the sale of the club.

The article states that US banks Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, who are assisting in the process, have declined to comment on the situation. But the report does go on to outline the view of potential bidders.

Sources cited in the article have claimed that their understanding in that Liverpool is for sale. One source, which is a senior figure from a consortium that tabled an offer for Chelsea, went into detail about the proposed sale.

“We are being guided that any offer has to be more than £3billion,” the source told The Times.

Chelsea were sold to Todd Boehly in a deal worth £2.5bn plus a further £1.75bn in guaranteed further investment.