France coach Deschamps wades into Griezmann issue between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona

France coach Didier Deschamps has hinted at frustration over Antoine Griezmann’s situation with Atletico Madrid.

The striker is playing limited minutes because Atletico do not want to pay the €40m due to parent club Barcelona as part of his original loan arrangement.

Deschamps, who has included Griezmann in the call-up, joked about the issue. “He’ll be less tired,” he said with a laugh.

On a serious note, he added: “It’s a situation you all know about. I don’t want to go into the situation he’s in with his club, but it’s clear that it limits his playing time”.

Deschamps underlined that, despite not playing more than 30 minutes, he has been a key player for Atletico and will be an important addition to the national team.

“He is still a crucial player at the club level and he aspires to play more than 30 minutes. It could be a good time for him to play more minutes for us”.

The coach was asked about his experience with these contractual situations that affect modern football.

“I adapt to contractual issues. There are different things but the important thing for me is the performance he can produce with us”.