Foster admits seriously considering Newcastle offer before retirement

Ben Foster admits he considered joining Newcastle United before announcing his retirement.

Foster had an opportunity to prolong his career as Newcastle were ready to sign the experienced shot-stopper on the terms he demanded. To ensure he had as much information as possible, Foster reached out to fellow goalkeeper and close friend Aaron Ramsdale, who spent one full season under the Magpies’ boss at Bournemouth, to ask about life under Howe.

“I text Aaron Ramsdale to say ‘mate, what’s Eddie Howe like’,” Foster said on the ‘Fozcast’ podcast. “I was like, ‘is he a good guy, is he a nice manager’ like all that kind of stuff.

“I was also like ‘how does he work?’ Straight away he texted me back, ‘Fozzy, he’s a top man!’ He’s absolutely top man!’

“’What he normally does is, the team will have a Sunday off. You might get a day off in the week or something like that’.

“’But he’s a top man, you’ll love playing for him honestly’.”

Despite Arsenal goalkeeper Ramsdale’s glowing praise, Foster still decided now was the right time to step away from football.