Former Juventus midfielder Marchisio convinced Allegri must go

Former Juventus midfielder Claudio Marchisio feels coach Max Allegri should be removed.

Allegri is under pressure after defeat to Monza on Sunday.

“The problem is not that Juve lose, because that can happen. However, losing against Monza without a shot on goal… There’s a total disconnect between the team, coach and club,” Marchisio told La Domenica Sportiva.

“With a strong squad, you can have your say even down to 10 men. This Juventus team doesn’t know how to play and that is worrying.

“Juve finished seventh in Serie A before, but nobody said it was ‘worrying’ – yet that is the word Leonardo Bonucci used. If you look at Dusan Vlahovic, he hasn’t improved at all since arriving from Fiorentina.

“The season is essentially split in two this year, so I hope they’re not waiting for a break in the season to make a change of coach. It’s a very delicate situation.”