Ferdinand: Man Utd winger Sancho can feel upset with England snub

Manchester United Champions League winner Rio Ferdinand says Jadon Sancho will be upset with his England snub.

Sancho was overlooked for the matches against Italy and Germany later this month – the final squad before Three Lions’ boss Gareth Southgate names his World Cup party.

Ferdinand said: “Jadon Sancho will be one player who will probably look at that squad and think I’ve done what’s expected of me as a winger in terms of output, numbers-wise this season and I’m doing better in terms of numbers than other players, and I’m still not getting a look in.

“He could probably feel disgruntled.”

The 43-year-old also suggested that while he understands some players coming into the set-up without playing regularly, it is concerning when there are several players included.

He added: “You gain trust through performance. This England team have gone and done things that our generation never got near doing and that counts for something. I understand the odd player coming in when they haven’t been playing at club level, but when you’ve got more than the one… I’d look at it as a player, I’d be concerned. I’ve been in squads where players have come in and haven’t played for long periods and haven’t hit the form as they’re used too.

“I’m thinking, I hope you get more minutes by the time the World Cup comes because I don’t want you coming in rusty, I want you ready to play and in motion with momentum, which is key.”