Ex-Man City fullback Mills: Man Utd must take action against Ronaldo

Manchester United have been told to punish Cristiano Ronaldo significantly for his latest outburst.

The Portuguese attacker has given a wide ranging interview to Piers Morgan, where he talks about his unhappiness at United.

Ronaldo claimed he was being forced out of the club, while he stated he had no respect for manager Erik ten Hag or last season’s interim boss Ralf Rangnick.

Now, ex-Manchester City defender Danny Mills claims that Ronaldo should be made an example of by United.

Mills told talkSPORT: “I don’t think he’ll play for Manchester United again. But I’d be tempted if I was Manchester United to just let him rot.

“I would go to every single length to fine him as much as possible, bearing in mind a Premier League contract is 70 pages long. You have to ask to do interviews, you cannot bring the club into disrepute, you cannot disrespect the club.

“There are a million different clauses in there that say you have to do as you’re told and perform. I think it’s still in there that you have to go in the community for a certain amount of hours a week – I would make him do that.

“If you’re not going to do it, you’re going to get fined. And I would keep taking money off him.

“That’s not going to hurt him, because he’s got more money. But the fact that he’s still at the football club – if you let him go, he can go and score goals wherever he wants and he can get his stats up, some of the best stats on the planet, we’re not arguing about that.

“That’s what he wants, so stop him doing that. Stop him going to play.

“If you want to punish him, stop him going to play somewhere. Keep him at the football club and make him do everything possible and make his life a misery.”