Ex-Liverpool defender Warnock: FSG a positive for the club

Former Liverpool defender Stephen Warnock has paid tribute to FSG as the club’s owners invite offers to sell.

Warnock, who made 67 appearances for Liverpool before his exit in 2007, has explained why FSG have helped the club get to a much better place than when they found it.

“They’ve put the club back on the map if you like,” Warnock told Sky Sports.

“They’ve reinvested in the stadium, it’s incredible at the moment. The Anfield Road stand expansion is soon to be completed for next season.

“So what they have built infrastructure-wise has been great, but to win trophies as well, and they’ve achieved that.

“When you look at Manchester City, just think if they weren’t there under Pep Guardiola and their ability that they’ve got in the transfer market, how many more Champions League or Premier League titles would Liverpool have had under their stewardship?

“So I think it’s been a positive thing for Liverpool, because they were in a real bad way before FSG came in.”