Ex-Juventus president Cobolli Gigli blasts Arrivabene over Pogba and Allegri sack comments

Former Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli has hit out at chief exec Maurizio Arrivabene.

Cobolli Gigli has been unimpressed by Arrivabene, particularly after he joked with fans about sacking coach Max Allegri.

He told TMW: “The situation is extremely complicated, you need determination and compactness at the team and club level. In this sense I feel I can express, as a person but also as a communication man who has been the CEO of various publishing houses, including Mondadori, I feel I am criticising the statements of the Juventus CEO.

“First and foremost there’s the observations on the (Paul) Pogba episode. It seems as if he was critical regarding the agreed rest period: if Pogba took it, before the operation, it means that the club agreed. First give the ok and then give critical opinions … it gives the idea of a wavering club.

“First you give it a month and a half, then when you operate you complain about the period. It’s wrong, but it’s not the only thing.

“Some ironic attitudes that the CEO carries on. Yesterday, outside a luxury restaurant and answering the question of a fan who asked if they would send Allegri away, he replied ‘You give us the money?’. It seems very inappropriate to me. It is a defect of us Italians, we always nitpick.”