Ex-Juventus chief Moggi backs Chelsea target De Ligt sale: But be smart about it

Former Juventus transfers chief Luciano Moggi says it makes sense to sell Matthijs de Ligt.

The Holland defender has been unsettled as Chelsea make a move for him.

Moggi told Radio Bianconeri: “Juventus has few players to put on the market and de Ligt can be requested. However, a problem must be raised, namely that of being able to replace him in the best way.

“If the player brings the money, which he should bring, opportunism must stay on the market, however, before staying on the market, considering the shortage of defenders that Juventus currently has, it is necessary to understand well how to replace him, because, otherwise it makes no sense to give him away.

“With €70 million de Ligt must be sold. (Max) Allegri needs a strong team. I would also speak of a counterpart with Chelsea on duty.

“Can his replacement be one of Bremer (Torino) and (Kalidou) Koulibaly (Napoli)? I’d take both of them. We are talking about two profiles that would strengthen the defense: the quality of Koulibaly and the quality combined with the tactics of Bremer, who is a true commander of the defensive department, could be a significant help for Juventus.”