Ex-Chelsea midfielder Petit fears struggling Tuchel facing PSG repeat

Former Chelsea midfielder Emmanuel Petit can see similarities between Thomas Tuchel’s current struggles and his final months at PSG.

Petit, 51, reckons it’s all starting to go wrong for Tuchel like it did towards the end of his time at PSG.

The World Cup winner said: “What is happening on the pitch for Chelsea now, reminds me of what it was like under Tuchel at Paris Saint-Germain when things started to go wrong there.

“Trouble started in newspapers, the pressure came on from the media and fans, powerful players within the club were questioning him all the time and it continued week after week.

“You could see physically he had changed during press conferences and on the bench in games.

“That cool attitude he has just wasn’t there. He was getting aggressive and was also looking for excuses from outside the club.”

He also told bookmakers.co.uk: “They have done very well in terms of results, fighting spirit and teamwork.

“Tuchel also used to do a very good job in terms of tactics as well.

“But for the last few weeks – and I don’t know if it is because of the results, players not being available because of injuries and Covid or his relationships with some players – he looks very nervous.

“Tuchel doesn’t appear to have the same confidence he once had at Chelsea.”

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