Ex-Chelsea midfielder Burley slams Boehly: In-the-door-two-minutes clap-trap

Former Chelsea midfielder Craig Burley has slammed the club’s American owner Todd Boehly.

Boehly proposed an All-Star North vs South game in the Premier League and suggested that a ‘four-team tournament’ should decide relegation from the English top-flight rather than the current three-down format.

“Horse manure. Absolute horse manure,” Burley said on ESPN FC. “Let me point out some things here.

“He’s talking about relegation – and they do do this in other leagues where they have playoffs in the relegation from different tiers – what American sport has relegation? Unless I’m missing something, the answer is none.

“So what the hell does he know bout relegation? Because his sports don’t have it. What they do have over there, they reward not even mediocrity, they reward garbage. That’s what they do.

“You can finish bottom of the league in most of these sports and you get a bucket load of cash. You don’t get relegated.”

On Boehly’s suggestion for an all-star game, Burley also said: “The second thing is, he’s talking about $200million or whatever it is. Has he not watched the graph juts grow and grow and the amount of money the Premier League makes around the world?

“I mean it is making a fortune. It has gone up every year as broadcasters pay more and more and more. They don’t need the money. The certainly don’t need the extra game.

“And frankly there would be no appetite from players, there certainly wouldn’t be any appetite from mangers and I really don’t think there would be any appetite at all from the supporters.

“Supporters want to support their own teams. What they don’t want, in my opinion, is some clap-trap Americanized plastic rivalry invention.’

“Todd Boehly has got enough on his plate trying to rebuild this Chelsea team to compete with the best.

“So fine, have your opinion but it’s nothing more than in-the-door-two-minutes clap-trap.

“Can you imagine ringing Kevin de Bruyne and Mo Salah? When Todd Boehly pitched up at the their house to see if they wanted to play in the North v South game, they’d open the curtains and stick two fingers up at him’: “Sod off, got enough games. Go back to London’.”