Ex-Barcelona director Bernabeu says of grandson Pique: He didn't want to sit on bench

Former Barcelona director Amador Bernabeu says it’s been difficult seeing his grandson Gerard Pique retire at Barcelona.

Bernabéu reviewed the emotional day that the centre-back, his grandson, experienced on Saturday at Camp Nou.

“Huge emotion and great sadness, it is a mixture of negative and positive, positive for everything that Gerard has done, which has been a lot, but it has been an ending that we did not expect, things, sometimes, are forced. I have seen him very happy but also negative because he is in a position to continue,” he told Cadena Ser.

“I am emotional, yes, because it has been many years since I brought him here. I have lived his entire story and they are moments of affection that one remembers. He leaves as a gentleman, which is what he really is. Those who do not know him thoroughly have no right to criticise him.”

Piqué’s role on the bench was new for him and something he always said he would not accept.

Bernabéu continued: “He has given up everything for his happiness and it seems very good to me. He leaves in the spur of the moment due to his personality and the way he is. He is not a man to sit on the bench and, after so many years, he is not used to being on the bench.

“He is in a position to play because, whatever is said, he has shown up to the last minute that he can play. It is a sporting issue and we have to accept it, it seems very good and correct to me.

“Piqué would never leave Barcelona hurt. He is from Barça as are the whole family, we are culés all our lives, Barça is our life and our history. He will never leave hurt by Barcelona, people are one thing and the club is another.”

Lastly, he also recognised that “his vision will be Andorra because he is very excited about them. His greatest hope is to put Andorra in the first division.”