Ex-Arsenal owner Dein claims 'ship has been stabilised' by Kroenke ownership

Former Arsenal co-owner David Dein has credited the Kroenke family with “stabilising” the club.

The Kroenke’s have been criticised heavily by the club’s supporter base in recent years.

But Dein believes that the American owners have now rectified their ‘bad mistakes’.

“They made mistakes, no doubt,” Dein told The Guardian while promoting his new book.

“Bad mistakes over the years in the transfer market, and how they’ve run the club. But the good news is that it’s 15 years since I left, and they now appear to be on an upward trajectory. The ship has been stabilised.”

He added: “I want the club to do well, irrespective of how I left and how Arsene left, which was equally as painful. We’re both bruised over it. Because that was unfinished business. We had something really special. And when it fell away, that really hurt.”