Everton hero Nevin welcomes Postecoglou rumours

Everton hero Pat Nevin is happy hearing Celtic coach Ange Postecoglou is under consideration at Goodison Park.

The former Scotland winger, who spent four years with the Toffees from 1988-92, believes the current Celtic boss will get his chance to manage in the Premier League before his career is out.

Postecoglou has been linked with Wolves and even Chelsea, as well as Leicester if they sack former Celts gaffer Brendan Rodgers.

The latest Prem outfit mentioned with Postecoglou in mind is Everton, given the increasing pressure on Frank Lampard.

Nevin told told Grosvenor Sports: “One day Ange Postecoglou will get a chance at the top level in England because he brings something extra special and really unusual.

“You watch Celtic games under him with a big cheesy grin on your face because they’re so positive and they’ll run until they fall down. The problem is that if they fall down after 70 minutes then they get battered as we’ve found out. It’d be a difficult thing to do in England but boy I’d love someone to try it.

“If Everton lured Ange down to England, they’d have to give him at least two transfer windows to get people who can do it for him as the current players at Everton are not that style.

“You can’t do ‘Angeball’ with the players that are at Everton right now so I’m not sure he’d be the right fit just now.”