Everton great Southall: Brands was horrendous; he did a disservice to Everton

Everton great Neville Southall feels the club’s current crisis is due to the poor recruitment of former technical director Marcel Brands.

Southall believes most of Everton’s problems stem from a poor recruitment process and that Brands should shoulder plenty of the blame for that.

For freebets.com, he told the Liverpool Echo: “There may be factions in the board room that need sorting out, there might need to be a restructure over how we look at the players, there’s certainly a recruiting problem because we’ve brought in signings who haven’t got us any further on.

“If your recruitment is poor in any business then that will reflect badly on you, leading to poor results.

“I think Marcel Brands was horrendous. I honestly believe he did a disservice to Everton, I don’t think he was any good.

“Some of the players that he brought in, if you slammed a door they fell over, they were that weak.

“I can understand the two younger lads who were brought in this month because while they’re quite raw and inexperienced, they’ll hopefully be alright for the future but while you can buy a couple of them, fans want to see proven quality come through the door.”

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