Everton boss Lampard insists he's still counting on Allan

Everton boss Frank Lampard insists he’s still counting on Allan this season.

Asked whether Allan remained in his plans ahead of the match with West Ham, Lampard acknowledged it was an area he was keen to strengthen over the summer but said Allan was still part of his squad – and performing well in training despite not yet having been given an opportunity this season.

He said: “It’s [midfield] a busy area for us now and I make no bones about that. It is an area I looked at and wanted to strengthen and improve, it is an area where you can have more control of games and its so important in the Premier League so the competitive thing is good for me in there.

“And Allan, he is a great professional, has been since the day I came in, got injured at the back end of last season but wanted to continue playing through pain to help us stay in the league so at the moment he is part of the squad and he trains well every day – as do the other midfield players – and we’ve probably got six or seven players for three positions. It is good to have that competition but the reality is it is what it is and that is why you need good professionals and he is one.”