Everton boss Lampard details two big hopes for new season

Everton boss Frank Lampard has detailed what he wants to see improved this season.

Lampard is hopeful to remain busy in the market and also changing their style of play.

He told the Liverpool Echo in the US: “There are two things I would say. Better results, which means a higher position in the table and not flirting with relegation. We are Everton, we are a big club, we have been in the Premier League for so many years. I want to be the man that brings an element of stability which means better results and that starts with Chelsea because we don’t want that feeling [of a relegation battle] through the year.

“And then the second thing, which will go hand in hand with that, is style of play.

“That for me is something I think I can really focus my progression on because as a coach you work on that through the week and then it does go on your results at the end of it. I want to play the type of football that Everton fans will want to see, at Goodison particularly.”

He added: “I’m not talking about ripping up and starting again. We have some really talented players and I think we can change the face of it, hopefully, with the work we do on the training ground and the recruitment we do over the next couple of weeks.”