Everton boss Lampard confident Pickford fit for World Cup

Everton boss Frank Lampard insists Jordan Pickford will be fit for England’s World Cup campaign.

Pickford damaged his thigh during his outstanding performance in the Merseyside derby two weeks ago and will not play any part in England’s Nations League fixtures against Italy and Germany, despite being eager to join up if at all possible.

Everton’s medical staff have been discussing Pickford’s rehabilitation programme with the Football Association and, as things stand, he is in line to go back between the posts against either Southampton, on October 1, or Manchester United the following week.

“I’ll be honest – Jordan would go and play on one quad for England in a friendly next week,” said Lampard.

“We have to be sure that we do the right thing. I’ve spoken to Gareth and our physios and England’s physios are in conjunction together, making sure we do the right thing for Jordan.

“And the right thing for Jordan is the right thing for Everton and England. Hopefully it will be in the next two or three weeks and he will be back, it’s as simple as that. We wouldn’t take any risks with him. If we did, it would affect our batch of games up to the winter break.”

Lampard added: “If you were to re-injure the quad, it would obviously affect his run up to the World Cup.

“So we are being very careful with that. We are working with Jordan and England. I learnt as a player the negatives of coming back too early.

“I re-injured my quad a few times, trying to push my physio to get me back quicker. I’m now more experienced, so I can be on the other hand and make sure he does it in the right way.

“The experts are the physios. He’s keen but he is very mature. He wants to play but we will find the right way.”