Dynamo Moscow director Gafin: Chelsea contact for Zakharyan continuing – but there's competition

Dynamo Moscow director Dmitry Gafin has warned Chelsea they face competition for Arsen Zakharyan.

Chelsea were ready to sign the winger last summer, only for financial sanctions against Russia to stall the deal. There’s hope of the two clubs reaching a deal in January.

Gafin told TASS: “Yes, a number of leading European clubs are interested in Zakharyan.

“As for the situation with Chelsea, we still have contact with the club’s management, but so far there is no specifics. There is plenty of time before the winter transfer window for those clubs who are interested to make a decision on how to proceed.

“From which countries are they interested? Clubs from Spain, Italy and Germany are looking at Zakharyan. Let’s say we follow a lot of players, clubs also follow Arsen. The situation that arose at the end of the transfer window helped us in terms of drawing attention to the player. Although there was enough before that.”

He also answered the question of under what price the Moscow club will release the midfielder.

“I cannot name the condition because it is a trade secret. The main condition is that Dynamo be satisfied with the amount it will receive. But the main thing, of course, is Zakharyan’s consent to go over.”