Dybala: Juventus don't play good football

Paulo Dybala hit out at Juventus’ style of play and also the board after scoring in victory over Udinese.

Dybala didn’t celebrate his goal, instead he glared at the directors’ box as new contract talks stall.

He said afterwards, “I think we played well, we must try to be more consistent after scoring goals, as too often we score and then start to defend more, become afraid of attacking, and we can’t keep doing that.

“We are Juventus, of course we are in the running for the Champions League spots and must try to win. We don’t play good football, that is not our strength, so we need to focus on hunger and trying to run harder than anyone else.”

On his glare, the striker continued: “I invited a friend and couldn’t see him. There are many people up there watching and I couldn’t find him.”

Should we believe you?

“I don’t know, that’s up to you. There have been a lot of stories, and many things happened that I prefer not to talk about.”

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