Di Francesco: Roma couldn't give Zaniolo away when I was in charge

Former AS Roma coach Eusebio di Francesco has recalled working with Nicolo Zaniolo.

Di Francesco revealed the midfielder was offered to many clubs while he was in charge.

He told La Gazzetta dello Sport: “I am used to working with what I have, although sometimes it can go wrong.

“I did not agree with that market. But it was me who supported Zaniolo, when the clubs didn’t even want him on loan.

“Instead, I made him debut against Real Madrid to make him understand that I believed in him. A bit like I had done with (Domenico) Berardi.”

Di Francesco also said: “I really like this version of Roma. I enjoyed the Conference League and I liked the market they made. It was done wisely. Roma is well built with a tactical identity.

“The best thing is the illusion that has been recreated. The full Olimpico pushes a lot. Even in the error there is more applause. Before if you lost it was a tragedy, now we speak positively, which is good for the team. But first there was a bad mood towards the club’s leadership, due to the little bond that had been created.”