Derby boss Warne: Klopp has now gone top of my favourite Premier League managers

Derby County boss Paul Warne appreciated the approach of Jurgen Klopp during their Carabao Cup defeat to Liverpool.

Derby lost on penalties in midweek and Warne says Reds manager Klopp was eager to mix with him and his staff afterwards.

“He’s gone straight to the top of my favourite Premier League managers,” Warne told BBC Radio Derby. “I’m a little bit starstruck. Why wouldn’t you be? It’s Jurgen Klopp.

“Firstly, what a guy. I couldn’t stop looking at his teeth – they are amazing. Also, he is massive. I was thinking, ‘I hope my wife and daughter aren’t watching this because they will say look at little dad’.

“He was really nice and was asking me about how it is managing Derby and the difference with my previous club. He was saying about Germany when he left for Dortmund and how it was different for many different reasons.

“He asked what I was finding difficult and I’m saying ‘they are not my group yet’ – I know they are, but I still want them to press and be athletic and he said that takes time. It was a good chat.

“He also said come in for a drink after. In the Premier League the European managers don’t really do that, but he read about Pep [Guardiola] not inviting us and he kindly said come in.”