De Zerbi planning to build on Potter work at Brighton

New Brighton manager Robert de Zerbi has vowed to build on the principles instilled by Graham Potter.

Potter earned a move to Chelsea after impressing with his attacking style at the AMEX.

De Zerbi has studied his predecessor and wants to improve in certain areas.

He said: “This is a big challenge, working in the most important league in the world. I’m proud to be here in a club not in the Premier League for a long time but with a clear idea of what to do. I am humble but I will bring my personality and my experience. We have a lot of talented players and I know together that we can work very well.

“I have seen a lot of our recent games and studied the players singularly. The team knows what they have to do and has a very clear style. Perfection doesn’t exist, there is always something to improve. I will bring something without making big changes but it’s always possible to get better and this is my goal.

“I know the work Graham Potter has done before me. There are a lot of players here with the same ideas about football as me and they have the right skills and mental characteristics to play brave football, as I want. I am taking a team fourth in the table and this gives me even more motivation.”