Conte: Victory like this makes Spurs fans happy

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte was delighted after their 4-3 victory over Leeds.

Conte was delighted with their character on the day.

He said, “I think this type of game made many, many, many people very happy because if you’re in the stadium to watch a game like this, 4-3, I think attractive football. You want to see this type of game every time because it’s funny, but you know that if I have to see the positive aspect for sure my players showed me in this period great character.

“Maybe in a lot of games we were losing and then we came back. For this reason, I think the positive things are that we showed great character, great desire and great will not to give up and to believe, to believe in the win. I try every day to transfer this concept that we have to start the game and then until the end we need to fight and see what happened. Never give up, this is our mantra. This is the positive side.

“Negative side, to concede three goals is never good. A team that wants to be competitive, to concede three goals is never positive. For this reason, if you want to reach a good result you need to find stability.

In this last period we never showed stability. I can think that the last period was really tough for everybody, for all the clubs, to play 13 games in 43 days was really tough, because it was impossible to work on the [training] pitch on the tactical aspect. One day to recovery and then the next day to recover the game. For sure when you don’t work on that tactical aspect you are going to lose something, especially defensively we lost, we lost a lot I think.

“But there is the positive aspect that we finished this period after a big effort in the next round Champions League, we finished first in our group, and then to stay in the top four in the Premier League is always good news, especially for us. It means that the effort was really big and at the same time I have to be really pleased with the commitment and behaviour of my players and honestly I have to consider everything and for this reason I think that we did a really good job in the first half of the season.”