Conte sends board message after Spurs victory over Leeds

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte was delighted with two-goal Rodrigo Bentancur for victory over Leeds.

Conte used the midfielder as an example of why Spurs must continue buying.

He said, “You know very well that if you want to be competitive and if you want to be really considered a title contender, or considered a team to win a trophy, you need players with great quality. You see the example of Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea and these teams are really strong. Strong squad with a great quality.

“For this reason, when I speak with you and I tell you that after only one year, don’t forget that we were playing in the Conference League after we finished seventh, it means that you need a process. You need time.

“You need patience, you need the transfer market to improve the, squad, the quality of your squad. Today you have seen the difference to have Kulusevski and Richarlison rather than not.

“It’s important for me the coach also to work with these players. If you see the improvement of Rodrigo and the improvement of Hojbjerg. In my opinion, I see huge improvement.

“You have to match this. To improve the players but you need time to improve the quality of you if you want to fight for something important in the Premier League or the Champions League. The quality of the players is really important.”